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Beer #1: Ayinger Jahrhundert

March 2, 2010

Mondays are the worst.  On Monday night, once you’ve gotten the day over with, you pretty much have no choice but to celebrate with a beer or seven.  On this particular Monday night, I have even more reason to celebrate: I’m actually putting up a post on this blog.

With this post, I am ending the 100 years of beer ignorance that started before Pr*hibition, and starting 100 years of beer enlightenment under my brutal totalitarian reign.  What could be more appropriate for this occasion than Ayinger Jahrhundert, a beer brewed to celebrate 100 years of…um…something?  This beer hails from Germany of all places.  For those who aren’t aware of Germany, it’s the country that inspired the movie “Beerfest.”  The style is a helles lager.  Helles more or less means “light,” referring to the color of the beer.  Brauerei Aying is one of the more impressive German brewers in my opinion, producing some stellar beers and rarely a letdown.  This should be available in a beer store near you and cost me a very reasonable $2.49 for a 330ml (11.2oz) bottle.  The ABV is 5.5%.

(Side note: since there are probably children reading this, I’m going to use “*” characters to censor words like f*ck, sh*t, c*nt, c*cksucker, cumg*zzler, assp*rate, turdburgl*r, meecr*b, bl*****n, m*dget, and so on.  We want to keep it as f*cking PC as we can around here.)

Now, I’m not BJCP certified, but I’m going to score this beer on the BJCP scale.  I poured this into a very fine glassware specimen: my Mr. Beer pint glass.

Ayinger Jahrhundert

Ayinger Jahrhundert. Please ignore the extraneous background items.

Appearance: I’m a sucker for an attractive blonde, and this sure as hell is one.  It looks a little like a Budweiser, except it has better head retention and lacing, and it doesn’t give you the impression that it’s going to taste like crap.  3/3.

Aroma: This is a sweet one for sure.  The pilsner malt really stands out.  There’s a little graininess and some mild grassy hops.  8/12.

Flavor: This is not a style that’s going to blow you away, but considering that, this beer is pretty solid.  Sweet pilsner malt and grain are well-balanced by grassy hop bitterness.  The term “liquid bread” really describes this one well, as the taste is a lot like a fresh loaf.  15/20.

Mouthfeel: This one drinks more or less like a helles lager should.  It’s clean, crisp, and refreshing with a body on the lighter side.  The carbonation level is about average. 4/5.

Overall Impression: As usual, Ayinger has done a solid job at crafting a solid example of the style they’re going for.  I’m not the biggest fan of light lagers, but if you’re going to tie me up and force one down my throat, I definitely wouldn’t mind if it were this one.  Jahrhundert goes down the ol’ hatch like coke up Lindsay Lohan’s nose.  By the second commercial break of the “24” episode I was watching, it was history. 8/10.

Total Score: 38/50.